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The printer prints blank labels


When the printer prints only blank labels, this can happen for the following reasons.

Thermal labels

The printer might be configured for using direct thermal labels instead of ribbon.

The Gesvatec labels are not thermal labels, so the printer has to be configured to use ribbon. Check that the print method configured in the printer is Thermal Transfer, not Direct Thermal.

Contrast too high or too low

Too high (or too low) contrast can cause poor ink adhesion and blurry texts. We recommend starting with a contrast level of 22, and then increasing or decreasing this level gradually.

Media and ribbon combination not appropriate

Ink transfer can be poor due to the label material and ribbon material not being matched properly. Please contact your label provider for information on what's the right ribbon for your labels.

Ribbon not installed properly

When you install the ribbon in the printer, the matte side of the ribbon is the one with the ink, and should be facing the labels. To check which side is coated with ink you can place the ribbon on a label, scratch it with a fingernail and check if it leaves a mark.

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