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Creating a packaging


The packer can create, at any time, the packagings they need to use in the Gesvatec labeling software.


  1. Go to the Gesvatec website and log in to the private area with your credentials.
  2. In the left navigation menu, go to Labeling → Packaging.
  3. Click the  button add-icon.png
  4. In the New Packaging section, in the Packaging text box, enter the description of the packaging. Optionally, you can also enter an Alias. The description entered in the New Packaging text box will be displayed in the labeling software and the website. The Alias will be printed on the labels. Important: The text printed on the labels must describe the weight of the packaging. For instance, 5Kg Box or 10x500g:

  5. In the Box Weight (Kg.) text box, enter the weight of the packaging in kilograms:

  6. In the Packages section, in the Varieties drop-down list, check the box of the variety you are going to use this packaging for:

  7. Click the  button to create the packaging.

Variety mix

You can create packagings containing packages that mix several varieties, or packagings containing packages of different weights. To see examples on how to create these kinds of packagings, please check the following article:

Please note...

  • After creating the packaging, perform a Data Download to start using it in the software.
  • You need to create at least one packaging for each of your varieties. If there are no packagings for a certain variety, you will not be able to print labels for said variety.
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