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Deactivating the license on the website


You might need to deactivate the Gesvatec license while you are unable to access the labeling software. This can happen if the computer has been formatted, doesn't work, etc.

In such cases, you can deactivate the license on the Gesvatec website as a last resort.


Warning: This deactivation method must only be used if you cannot deactivate the license using the Help → Activation wizard option of the labeling software.

If you can access the labeling software, please use the regular deactivation method instead:


  1. Log in to the private area of the Gesvatec website with your username and password.
  2. Go to the Administration → Licenses Management option.
  3. Click the on-off.png button next to the license (PKC) you wish to deactivate. A confirmation message will be shown.

After this, the current license will be disabled lock.png and a new license will be generated, which is the one you can activate on the new computer. This new license that has no padlock icon will be added at the bottom of the licenses list:

The new, ready-for-activation license appears above the one we have just deactivated.

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